Inactivating Transport Media (ITM)

Viral Transport Media (VTM)

10mL Sterile Transport Tube with 3mL VTM with or without Sterile Nasopharyngeal Collection Swab, 100 Vials with or without 100 Swabs

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5mL Sterile Transport Tube with 2mL VTM with or without Sterile Oral Collection Swab, 100 Vials with or without 100 Swabs

10 mL collection tube and nasopheryngeal
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Inactivating Transport Media:

Safely Inactivate Pathogens and Preserve Nucleic Acids

Pathogen Inactivation


Instantly inactivate pathogen  (e.g.  COVID-19 virus)in freshly collected clinical samples, reducing the infection risk of health care professionals during sample collection, transportation and testing.

RNA Stability


Inhibit nucleases, thereby ensuring that the released nucleic acids are not degraded. Additional nucleic acid protecting ingredients in the preservation solution can protect nucleic acid, especially single-stranded RNA, so that RNA maintains stable in an alkaline environment. The product can protect clinical samples of COVID-19 that cannot be tested immediately or require long-distance transportation. 



Clinical samples remain stable in the tube for 30 days at room temperature; store samples at -20°C for long term storage.

Picture-ITM stability-0-30 days Ct value
Picture-ITM stability-Ct value.png

Clinical samples were stored in ITM at -20℃, 4℃, room temperature, 37℃, 55℃ for 30 days. RT-PCR results showed that there were no significant changes in Ct values over 30 days, proving that the collected samples were stable for at least 30 days  at room temperature.