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Protein A Magnetic Beads

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EmerTher Protein A Magnetic Beads  are  nano-superparamagnetic  beads covalently coated with protein A. The  Beads provide  a  rapid and efficient  method  for  isolation of antibodies from  serum,  ascites or cell culture media and for  immunoprecipitation  of  the  target antigen  from  cell lysates  or tissue extracts.


Product Features
  • Fast magnetic response   

  • High binding affinity

  • Low non-specific binding

  • Compatible with subsequent LC-MS/MS analyses   

  • Suitable for manual operation or full automation for high throughput analysis

Extraction Procedures

Manual Extraction

Automated Extraction

The beads are simply added to a sample and antibodies will bind to the beads.


After washing unbound impurity off, the antibodies can be eluted from the magnetic beads or the bound magnetic beads can be directly used in downstream experiments.


The process can be completed manually or fully automated for high throughput applications.

Protein A Magnetic Beads





Experimental Results

SDS-PAGE of protein purified by EmerTher Protein A magnetic beads

M: marker
1-5:  Purified antibody (from human serum)
Binding Capacity: >80µg protein/mg beads

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