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An ideal tool for purification of antibody:
Easy automation: Fast magnetic response rate, long-lasting suspension, easy disperse
High quality: Low non-specific binding and high protein binding capacity
Compatible with LC-MS/MS

EmerTher® Protein A Magnetic Beads

  • EmerTher® Protein A Magnetic Beads are nano-superparamagnetic beads covalently coated with protein A. Protein A has high affinity to bind to constant region (Fc) of antibody from multiple species, including human, mouse, rabbit, pig, dog and cat. With a fast magnetic response rate, high protein binding capacity and low non-specific binding, the EmerTher Protein A Magnetic Beads provide a rapid and efficient method for isolating antibodies from serum, ascites or cell culture media and for immunoprecipitation of the target antigen from cell lysates or tissue extracts. The process can be fully automated.

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