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EmerTher® Magnetic Beads for Nucleic Acid Extraction are nano-superparamagnetic beads which can bind to nucleic acid tightly. After a few washes, the bound nucleic acid can be readily released from the beads in water or a solution at a low salt concentration.  


Product Specifications:
Diameter:~250 nm
Functional group: -COOH
Solvent: 20% ethanol
Magnetic response rate:>30emu/g
pH stability:4-12


Storage: Store at room temperature, 2 years 


Experiment Procedure: 
EmerTher® Magnetic Beads for Nucleic Acid Extraction, in combination with extraction reagents, can be used to extract DNA/RNA from blood, plasma, cells, saliva, microbes, and other biological samples. 
A general protocol includes the following steps: 1) mix magnetic beads with a lysis-binding solution; 2) add sample to the mixture to enable cell lysis, DNA/RNA release and DNA/RNA binding to magnetic beads; 3) apply magnetic force enabling easy wash of the beads with buffers; 4) elution of DNA/RNA from the beads using water or TE buffer. 
Extracted DNA/RNA can be directly used for gene sequencing, digestion, PCR amplification, library construction, Southern hybridization and other subsequent experiments.


Note: Do not freeze or dry the beads as they may result in loss of binding activity.

EmerTher® Magnetic Beads for Nucleic Acid Extraction

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