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High-speed: complete DNA extraction within 30 min
High yield: typically 1-10 μg DNA extracted from 200 μl of whole blood
High purity: OD260/280 = 1.6-1.9; OD260/230> 2.50
Convenience: whole procedure performed at room temperature, no sample digestion using protease or RNaseA
Eco-friendly: do not contain hazardous organic solvents, such as phenol or chloroform
Biosafety: cell lysis, protein deactivation, and DNA release occur at the first step; therefore, virus and bacteria, if any in the samples, are deactivated.
Compatibility: compatible with various anticoagulants (EDTA, ACD, Heparin)
Automation: no liquid-liquid mixing and separation process; therefore, the whole procedure can be easily automated

EmerTher® Magnetic Genomic DNA Extraction Kit

  • EmerTher® Magnetic genomic DNA Extraction Kit is used for extraction of DNA from blood, cells, saliva, tissues, and other biological samples.

    The Kit contains superparamagnetic nanoparticles which are efficiently bound to nucleic acids and uses a safe and eco-friendly extraction system. The magnetic beads are coated through a unique process, enabling strong binding with nucleic acid. The experiment procedure is simple and efficient: 1) add sample to a lysis-extraction solution to enable cell lysis, DNA release and DNA binding to magnetic beads in one step; 2) apply magnetic force enabling easy wash of the beads with buffers; 3) elution of DNA from the beads using water or TE buffer.

    Extracted DNA can be directly used for gene sequencing, digestion, PCR amplification, library construction, Southern hybridization and other follow-up experiments.

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