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NHS Magnetic Beads

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EmerTher  NHS  Magnetic  Beads  are  nano-superparamagnetic beads  coated  with NHS  (N-hydroxysuccinimide)  functional groups, which react with primary amines on nucleic acid, protein, antibodies or other molecules to form stable amide linkages. After coupling,  the  beads  can  be  separated  from  the  solution using a magnet for downstream experiments, such as enzymatic reactions, immunoprecipitation of large molecules, cell isolation, and organelle isolation, etc.

Product Features
  • Easy to perform: Covalent binding is easily achieved by incubating large molecules and NHS magnetic beads together

  • No activation process is needed 

  • Fast magnetic response

  • High binding affinity      

  • Low non-specific binding


Mechanism of NHS bead reaction.png
Extraction Procedures

Manual Extraction

NHS Magnetic Beads


Targeted Molecules



Automated Extraction

The beads are simply added to a sample and targeted molecules will bind to the beads.


After washing unbound impurity off, the molecules can be eluted from the magnetic beads or the bound magnetic beads can be directly used in downstream experiments.


The process can be completed manually or fully automated for high throughput applications.

Experimental Results

EmerTher NHS magnetic beads and brand P NHS magnetic beads were compared by conjugating with the same enzyme to purify Quercitrin. 25 µg of beads were used for each experiment. Results showed that EmerTher beads extracted five times more proteins than the brand P beads.

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