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Magnetic Viral RNA Extraction Kit &

Automatic Nucleic Acid Extraction Instrument

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High Performance Nano-scale Superparamagnetic Beads

EmerTher's superparamagnetic beads have a solid core consisting of iron oxide clusters, coated with a hydrophilic layer, making it a superior tool to purify biomolecules over similar products:

  • Solid core with iron oxide clusters ---> Fast magnetic response, fast separation

  • Excellent hydrophilicity ---> high binding specificity, low non-specific binding, excellent extraction effect

  • Nano-scale --->  Large surface area, superior efficiency in isolation and purification of molecules

  • Monodisperse beads ---> Easy disperse, long-lasting suspension stability


High extraction efficiency: Extract trace nucleic acids (<10IU / ml), protect easily degradable RNA; thus, reducing false negative results

No need to use proteinase K: Simplify the extraction process and enable shipping/storage at room temp

Applicable for automation: Specially designed for automation process. Pre-packed plates are available, which can be used on Emerther automatic nucleic acid extraction instruments and are also compatible with a variety of nucleic acid extraction instruments with international brands,including Thermo Kingfisher, Tecan, Hamilton, Beckman Biomek, and etc. 

Biosafety: No need for lysis at high temperature, reducing the formation of aerosol and the risk of infection of professional personnel; free of toxic organic reagents such as phenol and chloroform, more healthy and safe

Reducing cross-contamination: Aerosol  reduction can reduce cross-contamination and false positive results

Rapid extraction: 12-20min to complete the viral nucleic acid extraction process.

Extraction Procedure

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QPCR Testing

Pre-packed plates (remove aluminum cover) / bottles (add reagents to a 96-well plate), add clinical viral samples, Insert the plates into an automatic nucleic acid extraction instrument. The instrument will automatically complete the whole extraction process.


Magnetic Viral RNA Extraction Kit

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Magnetic Beads (Only) for Nucleic Acid Extraction 

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EmerTher® EmagPure-32A6

Automatic Nucleic Acid Extraction Instrument

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