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Magnetic Plasmid DNA Extraction Kit

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EmerTher Magnetic Plasmid DNA Extraction Kit is used to purify a large amount of plasmid DNA from bacteria culture. The kit contains superparamagnetic nanoparticles coated through a unique process, enabling strong binding with DNA and easy elution. Purified DNA is ready to use in downstream applications, including in vitro transcription, sequencing, restriction enzyme digestion, transfection, and other subsequent experiments.

Product Features
  • High throughput: fast plasmid DNA extraction process  

  • Convenient: all procedures can be performed at room temperature. No high temperature elution is necessary

  • Eco-friendly: no guanidine, phenol or chloroform is needed

Extraction Procedures

Manual Extraction

Magnetic beads


Proteins and other cellular debris

1. Plasmid DNA released from cells and bound to beads

2. Apply magnetic force enabling easy wash of the beads with Washing Solution

3. Elution of DNA from the beads using water or TE buffer

Automated Extraction

Experimental Results

Extraction of plasmid from different bacteria culture samples (sample volume: 3 ml, elution volume 100 µl)

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