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Magnetic FFPE Tissue DNA Extraction Kit

EmerTher Magnetic FFPE Tissue DNA Extraction Kit is used for extracting DNA from formaldehyde fixed-paraffin embedded (FFPE) tissues. The purified DNA can be directly used in downstream experiments such as PCR, sequencing, and mutation screening, etc.

Product Features
  • Eliminates the need for xylene, a toxic solvent commonly used for dissolving paraffin

  • Convenient: No tissue grinding is necessary

  • Efficient decoupling effect: Effectively remove cross-linking between nucleic acids and proteins formed during formalin fixation, preventing inhibition of reverse transcription of the extracted RNA due to cross-linkage and increasing the sensitivity and consistency of subsequent tests

  • Retain large DNA pieces, facilitating subsequent testing

  • Can be used with EmerTher magnetic FFPE tissue RNA extraction kit to extract DNA and RNA from one sample simultaneously

Extraction Procedures

Manual Extraction

Magnetic beads


Proteins and other cellular debris

1. Add sample to a lysis-extraction solution to enable cell lysis, DNA release and DNA binding to magnetic beads in one step

2. Apply magnetic force enabling easy wash of the beads with Washing Solution I & II

3. Elution of DNA from the beads using water or TE buffer

Automated Extraction

Pre-packed plates for easy automation; compatible with a variety of automatic magnetic bead processors and liquid handling systems

Format 96B

Experimental Results

DNA Electrophoresis from FFPE Tissue Extraction

1-4: FFPE tissue samples

5: MW marker

Quantitative Fluorescence PCR Detection of Point-Mutation Site

  • Easy and fast to extract FFPE tissue DNA with high yield and purity

  • Simultaneous extraction DNA and RNA (Also see the page for Magnetic FFPE Tissue RNA Extraction Kit)

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