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Magnetic Cell RNA Extraction Kit

EmerTher Magnetic Cell RNA Extraction Kit is used for extracting RNA from cultured cells, cell suspensions, blood samples, etc.

Product Features
  • High-speed: Complete RNA extraction within 25 min   

  • Eco-friendly: No chloroform or phenol needed

  • Keep RNA stable: Stabilize readily degraded RNA during extraction

  • Automation: Designed to be fully compatible with automation. Pre-packed 96-well plates are available.

Extraction Procedures

Manual Extraction

Magnetic beads


Proteins and other cellular debris

1. Add sample to a lysis-extraction solution to enable cell lysis, RNA release and RNA binding to magnetic beads in one step

2. Apply magnetic force enabling easy wash of the beads with Washing Solution I, II, III

3. Elution of RNA from the beads using water or TE buffer

Automated Extraction

Pre-packed plates for easy automation; compatible with a variety of automatic magnetic bead processors and liquid handling systems

Format 96B

Experimental Results

M: MW marker

1-6: RNA extracted from six different cell lines.

Extracted RNA concentration ranged from 140-280 ng/µl, OD260/280=2.0-2.2

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