EmerTher® EmagPure-32A6

Automatic Nucleic Acid Extraction Instrument

Robust, Compact, Convenient and Ultra-quiet

Effective and versatile instrument for nucleic acid extraction from a variety of biological samples, with consistent performance.


Equipped with strong magnetic rods covered by disposable tip combs, which adsorb, transfer and release magnetic beads to achieve DNA/RNA extraction and purification procedures, with >99% magnetic bead recovery rate. 

Efficient Cross-contamination Control

Programmable UV disinfection and fan exhaust (side exhaust, rear exhaust, HEPA)

100% Automated and Simple Operation

Tear off aluminum foils of plates prefilled with DNA/RNA extraction reagents, add sample, and start extraction

Compact Design and Ultra Quiet

Only 35x34.5x40cm, 17kg, save laboratory space, move around easily as needed; ultra low running sound

EmagPure-32A6 Operation Procedure

EmagPure32A6-Tech Doc-AvanBio-202102_01.

Product Brochure

Product Pictures

Consumables: Emprefilled 96 deep-well plates 

Genomic DNA 96B.jpg


Magnetic Genomic DNA Extraction Kit




Magnetic Viral RNA Extraction Kit




Magnetic FFPE Tissue RNA Extraction Kit



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