DNA/RNA Purification Kits


  • 40min DNA extraction

  • 20min RNA extraction

  • 15min PCR product purification

  • 15min DNA size selection  


  • No need for enzymatic digestion 

  • No liquid transfer

  • Perform at room temperature

  • Fully compatible with automation 


  • Deactivate bacteria and virus during biological sample collection

  • Sample storage: room temperature

  • No organic or toxic reagents  

Magnetic Genomic DNA Extraction Kit

EmerTher Genomic Magnetic DNA Extraction Kit is used for extraction of DNA from blood, cells, saliva, tissues, and other biological samples. The Kit contains superparamagnetic nanoparticles which are efficiently bound to nucleic acids and uses a safe and eco-friendly extraction system. The experiment procedure is simple and efficient and extracted DNA can be directly used for follow-up experiments. 

Magnetic FFPE Tissue DNA Extraction Kit

EmerTher Magnetic FFPE Tissue DNA Extraction Kit is used for extracting DNA from formaldehyde fixed-paraffin embedded (FFPE) tissues. The purified DNA can be directly used in downstream experiments such as PCR, sequencing, and mutation screening, etc.

Magnetic Viral RNA Extraction Kit

EmerTher Magnetic Viral RNA Extraction Kit is used to extract viral RNA from blood, plasma, serum, throat swabs, urine, etc. Purified viral RNA can be used for diagnosis or monitoring of various infectious diseases, such as influenza A and B, avian influenza, hand-foot-and-mouth disease, HCV, HIV, etc. The extraction process is fast, easy, and can be performed entirely at room temperature.

Magnetic Plasmid DNA Extraction Kit

EmerTher Magnetic Plasmid DNA Extraction Kit is used to purify a large amount of plasmid DNA from bacteria culture. The kit contains superparamagnetic nanoparticles coated through a unique process, enabling strong binding with DNA and easy elution. Purified DNA is ready to use in downstream applications, including in vitro transcription, sequencing, restriction enzyme digestion, transfection, and other subsequent experiments.

Magnetic PCR Product Purification Kit

EmerTher Magnetic PCR Product Purification Kit is intended for fast and simple purification of PCR products (> 100 bp). DNA fragments from PCR reactions selectively bind to beads so that PCR by-products are removed during washing steps. Highly purified DNA is then eluted and can be used directly for downstream applications, including sequencing , restriction digestion, in vitro transcription, and other subsequent experiments

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