AvanBio's COVID-19 Response Effort

Widespread diagnostic testing is a key success factor to contain the COVID-19 pandemic. With AvanBio's specialty in magnetic nanobead technologies, we have developed products for effective COVID-19 diagnosis to help health care professionals combat the pandemic.  Together, we will win the fight!

Sterile Synthetic Swabs for Biologic Sample Collection

Viral Transport Media (VTM) and Inactivating Transport Media (ITM)

Viral RNA Extraction Kit and Automatic Nucleic Acid Extraction Instrument

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RT-PCR Detection Kit

For wholesale distribution only

COVID-19 Rapid Test Kit (NEWGENE)

Certification: CIBG, CE, PEI 

Registered Countries: Germany, France, Italy, Argentina, Switzerland, Portugal, 

Peru, Czech, Greece, Kenya, Belgium, Denmark, Hungary

For wholesale distribution only

COVID-19 Rapid Test Kit (WIZBIOTECH) 

Certification: CE, PEI, ISO13485

Registered Countries: EU (German)

For wholesale distribution only

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Disposable Virus Collection Swabs

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Virus Collection Set

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Pathogen(COVID-19) Nucleic Acid Testing

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