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Chitin (CBD-tag Affinity) Magnetic Beads

AvanBio Chitin Magnetic Beads are nano-superparamagnetic beads covalently coupled with chitin.


With a fast magnetic response rate, high protein binding capacity and low non-specific binding, AvanBio Chitin Magnetic Beads provide a rapid and efficient method to purify CBD(chitin-binding domain)-fusion proteins from cell culture supernatant.



Simple and Efficient Extraction Procedure

The beads are simply added to cell culture supernatant and CBD-fusion proteins will bind to the beads.


After washing unbound proteins off, the CBD-fusion proteins can be eluted from the magnetic beads or the protein-bound magnetic beads can be directly used in downstream experiments (e.g. capturing target proteins, which bind to the immobilized CBD-fusion proteins, from crude cell lysates).


The process can be completed manually or fully automated for high throughput applications.

Product Features
  • Magnetic Separation – Fast response, complete purification process within 30 min, no chromatograph, no centrifugation, maximally preserve protein activity

  • Excellent Suspension Ability  – Nanometer scale, rapid conversion from solid-phase to solution and vice versa

  • High Binding Capacity – efficient coupling, higher binding surface area

  • Low non-specific Binding –hydrophilic microspheres, low non-specific binding

  • Fully compatible with automation  and LC-MS/MS analyses

  • Diameter:500nm

  • pH stability:pH 3-13

  • 30 min sedimentation rate:<0.1%

  • Magnetic response rate: >30emu/g

  • Solvent:20% ethanol

  • Binding capacity:  60-100µg CBD-fusion proteins per mg magnetic beads  


1: MW marker
2:  Cell lysate

3:  Purified CBD-fusion protein (Competitor beads)

4:  Purified CBD-fusion protein (AvanBio beads)


Stored at 2-8 °C, 2 years 

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