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About us


AvanBio Inc. is a biotech company specialized in the development and manufacture of nano-scale superparamagnetic beads for biomedical applications. Please see our technologies here.


The company is led by a group of talented scientists and entrepreneurs who have years of experience and leading expertise  in research and development related to nanobeads, biomedicine, and diagnostic technology.


With our unique technical platform, AvanBio not only continues to expand its nano-scale magnetic bead product lines, but also develops various magnetic nanobead products based on clients’needs and provides superior technical service to our clients. Our proprietary technologies and products can be used widely in many fields, including molecule separation and purification (especially nucliec acids and therapeutic protein molecules),  immuno diagnosis, enzyme engineering,  and biosensor,etc.

Company Value

  • Produce high-quality, innovative products to our customes

  • Strive for eco-friendly products, eliminate or minimize hazadous reagents

  • Promote interdisciplinary research in the biomedical field

  • Believe company’s future residing in the development of advanced patented technologies and products that meet market needs

  • Devote to in vitro diagnostics



We highly value the advances from integration of across-discipline science and technologies and are open to different formats of partnership. AvanBio works closely with our collaborators to develop new products and applications. We are expanding our portfolio through partnerships with researchers, hospitals, leading biotechnology and in vitro diagonistic companies. In turn, our partners gain numerous benefits, including enhanced research and development capability, increased work efficiency, product differentiation, and faster time-to-market.


For interest and inquiry, please contact us at


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